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Success Stories

Our family of companies has enabled over 35,000 businesses to access the capital they needed to grow their businesses. A few owners have decided to share their experiences with using Bizfi to help them get the financing that they needed and we have posted their stories below.

iEple was funded by Bizfi

In just two years, suburban Chicago entrepreneurs Miguel and Clementina Jimenez have built a strong roster of corporate, medical, manufacturing and academic clients for their technology services company, They’ve also developed a strong sense of how businesses are losing time, money and productivity because of their computer setups, and they’re out to change that.

The Jimenez’ came to Bizfi this year for funding to produce demonstration models of their next generation BioGreenPC, which will ship with 16GB of RAM and a 240GB solid state drive. “It is hard for people to believe that this little box can replace their whole computer so we know they need to try the real thing to spark interest. That requires a heavy investment but it’s an effective sales method” Miguel says. They shipped BioGreenPC samples to local universities and manufacturing companies, and one of their test sites has already committed an initial order for 70 of them. There will be a Kickstarter campaign in early fall aimed at eco-conscious businesses and consumers to help the company reach its next milestone: 500 units a month.

The Jimenez’ are thankful for Bizfi’s help towards that goal. “Bizfi’s representatives were very persistent and very helpful,” Clementina says. “The whole funding process only took about three days.”

“Bizfi was a really good experience,” Miguel adds. “For a fairly new company like iEple it was important to have a big company believe in us.”

The Killarney

The Killarney was funded by Bizfi

Mark Verespy is spending less on energy at his restaurant this spring because of equipment he purchased with alternative funding.

Verespy is the owner of The Killarney, an Irish-inspired pub and restaurant located at the base of Okemo Ski Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont. In the past year, he purchased a 10-burner Vulcan range with twin ovens, a Southbend 5-burner stove and a True double-door refrigerator--nearly $12,000 in new equipment. He also replaced his old heating system with a heat-transfer system that provides both heat and AC, something that The Killarney needs to keep turning out the food at what is increasingly becoming a year-round operation.

Even though The Killarney now attracts customers all year round, Verespy is still cautious about laying out too much cash in the slower months. So he considered going to a bank for some of the equipment financing he needed. “We always do our due diligence and we always think about the banks,” he says, noting that he had options for traditional financing because he owns the building in which his restaurant is located. “I thought about an equity line of credit this time.”

Instead, he returned to an alternative funder that he has used more than a dozen times, Bizfi. “Bizfi is the most convenient option available,” Verespy says. “It takes the least amount of my time, and zero hassles--and that to me is precious. I pick up the phone, call my Bizfi rep and I have the funds in my account almost immediately.”

Verespy says that kind of speed was particularly important for the refrigerator, which wasn’t on his original upgrade list. “The refrigerator went down and it had to be replaced right then. It was critical to get it replaced in two to three days max. Thanks to Bizfi, we did just that.”

“Bizfi,” says Verespy, “gives me peace of mind that if something critical goes down, I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get the funds to replace it.”

Avila Creative Soccer

Soccer is a fast-moving sport and the pace seems even quicker when you are running soccer lessons and camps at three locations. That's the case at Avila Creative Soccer in Austin, where the emphasis is on helping players develop at their own speed. When the business needed funding, it needed a team player that could move the way it did. Working through Bizfi, it secured business funding in less than four days.

"It's about time that small business owners and their accomplishments and milestones are evaluated by more than purely conventional means," said CEO Eryck A.

"My funding partner took into consideration the stability of my company: Not just the overall sales of my business but the many years that I have been selling."

Eryck puts a great deal of attention into the business and he appreciated the attention from his Bizfi Funding Concierge. "I am thankful for the professionalism," he said, "including the swiftness of service, automation, and overall creative funding concept that distinguishes Bizfi from direct lenders."


Aretex was funded by Bizfi

From nuts to bolts, domestic to metric, Aretex has got it. The company is also a manufacturers’ rep for many fastener companies.

Recently, Aretex need a fresh supply of something else: capital. It found it in Bizfi, a company that has brought more than 35 funding partners–from OnDeck and Funding Circle to CAN Capital and SBA lender SmartBiz–together on one online platform.

Aretex owner Jonathan K. appreciated the convenience. “Bizfi is a very easy company to work with,” he says.

“The customer service rep was extremely nice and straight forward. The documentation requirements were easy to provide and the process from approving to funding only took a couple of days.”

Miller’s Downtown

Miller’s Downtown was funded by Bizfi

Miller's Downtown has been serving food in Charlottesville for over 30 years. Fresh, local food, sourced from the farms and farmers in western Virginia and prepared fresh in its kitchens every day. On its menu are burgers that draw rave reviews, that Southern comfort staple fried green tomatoes and an unusual peanut butter-and-jelly waffle finished off like an ice cream sundae. That’s the kind of cooking that draws both locals and visitors, who also stop by for Miller's ever-changing lineup of live music.

So when Miller's Downtown needed funding to spruce up its small kitchen, it looked for someone who could help cook up a good deal--and found it in Bizfi.

“Thanks for the great customer service," said Miller’s Downtown's owner Scott K. "Acquiring funds for a business can be a very daunting task. Bizfi's expertise and heartfelt commitment to my company's needs was refreshing."

Therapeutic Literacy Center

Therapeutic Literacy Center was funded by Bizfi

Maria B. admits that she generally hangs up on sales calls. It’s understandable given the full day that she has working with students with learning disabilities through her southern California business, Therapeutic Literacy Center. It offers dyslexia evaluations, therapy for auditory processing disorders, school counseling and techniques to help children become strong, life-long learners. The families that she and her clinicians have helped can’t seem to say enough good things about how Therapeutic Literacy Center has changed their children’s lives.

Though a departure from her norm, Maria recently took the time to listen to a call from Bizfi, and for her, it’s been a

life changer, too. “The way John communicated caught my interest and he seemed to understand my needs immediately, so I stopped and listened,” she says. “In just a week I am in a completely new place with my company and I’m excited about the future of the company with the work of Bizfi behind me.”

“Fabulous follow-through, follow-up and responding to our needs,” Maria adds. “I’m so grateful that John kept calling. Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying that!“